Published Works

A Card For You
How To Get To The 5th Dimension
My Superman Pez Dispenser
Rainbows Are Not Gay
6 Ways To Stave Off Madness
Pocket zines, October-December, 2021
Dead Flowers (Are Beautiful Too)
Photobook, July 2021
Moments In Time
Zine, released August 2021
Provocations Poetry & Prose
Spoken Word & Animation, 2020
LEDUC: A Public Life of Solitude
Play, released 2019
The Toolbox Killer
Podcast Writer/Producer, 2018
RAID: Operation Soap
Theatrical play, released 2017
Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Fuck You
Collection released 2016
The Great Meeting Room
Children’s book released in 2015, 2011
God Is In The Wormholes
Released 2014
Theatre & book reviews