Workman Arts

Rainbows Are Not Gay & 6 Ways To Stave Off Madness were created as part of a four-week course I taught called The Making of A Zine.

During this hands-on course, we covered Idea Generation, Content Collection, Production, and Distribution. Students were challenged to create zines that would serve as platforms for self-discovery, community building, and/or collective activism. Each participant left the course having completed at least one zine, these were mine:

6 Ways To Stave Off Madness, unfolded zine, photocopy of ink on paper, Raymond Helkio
Rainbows Are Not Gay, Raymond Helkio
Rainbows Are Not Gay, unfolded zine, photocopy with coloured markers, Raymond Helkio. Limited edition available through Glad Day Bookshop and Buddies In Bad Times Theatre