Moments In Time

August 9-15, 2021

Paying homage to the people, events, and organizations that make Toronto’s Queer Village what it is today. This analog zine celebrates the resilience of our communities as we continue to navigate the pandemic.

On the heels of Pride Month, August 9-15, the zine will be delivered to organizations and businesses throughout the village with limited copies available for pick-up at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre patio, Glad Day Bookshop, and other select locations. Please be mindful of any Public Health guidelines in effect.

Check back here for supplementary content such as rare video, audio interviews, and other digital goodies from the past.

Created by Raymond Helkio
Curation support Rachel E. Beattie

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre celebrates Queer Pride with a two-week festival of theatre, comedy, art, music, and parties that feature the very best queer entertainers our community has to offer. Like this zine.

Moments In Time, Raymond Helkio


The Gay History Project

Recorded interview with Elgin Blair by John Grube

Original transcription of the above interview with George Hislop by John Grube.

Jackie Shane

May 15, 1940 – February 21, 2019 

Jackie Shane recorded the chart-topping Any Other Way at TorontoĆ­s Sapphire Tavern.

Available through Glad Day Bookshop, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and select businesses and organizations throughout Toronto’s historic queer village.