Mark Leduc’s journey from ex-con to gay icon and the death of Canada’s silver-medal sweetheart.

After winning a silver medal in boxing at the ’92 Barcelona Olympic Games, Mark Leduc turned to professional sport, winning five of six matches before announcing his retirement. At the same time, he came out as gay, a move that would forever alter the course of his life.

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“A new biographical play sheds fresh light on the life and legacy of Olympic boxer and gay icon Mark Leduc”
SportsNet, Gare Joyce

“But Leduc lived a conflicted life before and after his arrival in Kingston, culminating in his death… 10 years after coming out as a gay man.” -The Kingston Whig Standard, Ian MacAlpine

“Mark made a significant contribution to Canada’s LGBTQ community by coming out at a time when doing so meant potentially losing your career. Thank you for writing this, his sacrifices left a legacy thatshould be remembered.”
–Svend Robinson, Former MP

“On the page Leduc succeeds, with the assistance of a dramaturge, director and powerhouse actor, Leduc the play should soar… Leduc’s downfall, it is shattering and powerful… Helkio has done his part to secure Leduc that immortality. Now we can just eagerly anticipate the theatrical interpretation.”
-Drew Rowsome, Cultural Critic

 It’s quite moving, both as a portrait of a young man
who experiences both deep lows and high highs,
but also asa story told by a loved one.
-Paul Bellini, Writer & Comedian

“An excellent read that pulls back the curtain on the private life of a Canadian sports celebrity revealing the demons that drive them both publicly and privately –those that push them to the top of the ladder and those which force them back down it.”
Mark Stenabaugh

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