Harvest: Sponsored by Raymond Helkio

I’ll be seeing lots of films again this year and hope that you’ve got your picks ready because the 21st annual festival is May 19-29th, 2011. This year I sponsored Harvest which is German with English subtitles so they’ll be some reading along with the queer eye candy. I hope to see you during the Festival!

North American Premiere
This program is rated 14A
TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1
Sunday May 22 | 7:00pm

Harvest is a rich, quietly understated film that follows two young apprentices who are completing their training on a farm outside of Berlin, their relationship slowly evolving and taking root. When new apprentice Jacob arrives the pair form a friendship, but Jacob’s laidback, outgoing demeanour appears at odds with Marko’s introspective personality. During the long, solitary days spent together in the fields, however, the twosome form a natural bond that hints of deeper feelings.

A big-city road trip, away from the prying eyes of their fellow farmers, allows a tender relationship to evolve. But neither young man has ever thought about how – and especially about how openly – he wants to live his life. Director Benjamin Cantu has a background in documentary film-making, and in this first feature-length drama he creates an intriguing hybrid, the film’s fictional love story developing against the setting of a real working farm that is populated by a supporting cast of actual apprentices.

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