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The End of Space

The end of space. Well, not really, the end of the double space after a period, I hope. I used to think that the double space was a by-product of the typewriter because on those prehistoric machines I got one font and depending on how hard I tapped the keys, periods and commas were often indistinguishable. The truth is that the double space has been in practice long before the typewriter it’s time for it to end. It’s ugly.

With modern day typography, the extra space just creates white gaps in large bodies of text and literally slows the eye down when reading. The period does a great job of indicating the sentence is now over so the extra space is redundant. We could give the extra space some meaning and purpose such as “pause now” or “pause now and go get a sandwich” – that way there’s a reason to hit the space bar twice. More sexy content, less spaces in-between.

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