The Box Show

The Box Show by Dominique Salerno and directed by Sash Bischoff is a clever, fast-paced one woman show that takes place inside of a box the size of a cupboard. Over the course of the performance, Salerno introduces the audience to 25 hysterical characters that range from over-the-top pop icons to borderline insane interpretations of the absurdity of common events such as childbirth and marriage proposals.

Salerno’s world is non-stop laughs but it’s also as smart as it is edgy and provocative. Running the majority of her lighting and costumes from within the box, Dominique is a master at seamlessly weaving together dance, inventive props and singing into a creative, in-your-face, laugh-out-loud experience. The only bummer of the evening was learning that there are no current plans to re-open the show, this show would shine on the comedy channels.

The Box Show
The Pit, NYC
Fall 2017
Dominique Salerno, Creator/Writer/Performer
Sash Bischoff, Director
Ann Beyersdorfer, Scenic Designer