Lady Bunny in Trans-Jester!


Trans-Jester is a fitly, potty-mouthed, politically incorrect, mean spirited show and the most fun I’ve had in years. Behind the succession of cheap-shots and endless poo jokes is a deeper, philosophical commentary about a culture of inclusive political correctness that has started to suck the uniqueness right out of the human race. But who really cares about deeper meanings when you’ve got comedy of this calibre. This show is funny as hell and can cleanse even the most hardened politically incorrect soul. I got there and thought “Oh my God, she did not just say that!” and then it got worse, in the best way possible.

Lady Bunny in Trans-Jester!
Until April 30, 2016
Stonewall Inn, New York City

Trans-Jester is written by Lady Bunny and Facebook sensation Beryl Mendelbaum.