Playwright Sky Gilbert’s most recent work Bungalow showing at the Hamilton Fringe Festival is set in Steel Town but it could easily apply to most cities whose rapid growth leads to gentrification which ultimately pits those who have, against those who do not.

We are introduced to two different sides of a semi-detached bungalow. Neighbours Lloyd and Kiefer who exemplify the divide between classes, Lloyd played by the outstanding Shaun McComb, attempts to befriend his wealthy neighbour Kiefer, played by Tim Walker who was completely convincing as the blind-to-his-own-privlege-hipster-coffeeshop owner. 

At first it appears that Lloyd’s alcoholism is a cover-up for his chronic unemployment, abusive relationship and failing health, but this is quickly dismantled as Kiefer succumbs to moments of vulnerability which reveal his life as a cover-up for his own failing partnership. The relationship between the two characters develops through indifference, hostility, conflict and an almost realized double blowjob, but unlike traditional big theatre endings, Bungalow drives both characters further apart, a far more truthful and sobering interpretation of class and it’s impact collective relationships.

Put Bungalow on your fringe list, it’s a potent reminder that money can’t buy happiness, for long anyway.

On until July 28, 2019, tickets:
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By Raymond Helkio

Raymond Helkio is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, whose work has been shown at international film, theatre, and design festivals including Inside Out Film Festival, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Design Exchange, Videofag, Art Gallery of Ontario, Glad Day Bookshop, Artscape and Nuit Rose.