Jono Pye’s Digital Showcase

An immersive journey into the boundless creativity of an artist who defies categorization.

Rob Wilkes, of Big Sky Design, the creative genius behind the design of Jono Pye’s artist new website, has woven a visual tapestry that serves as an exquisite backdrop to Pye’s diverse and alluring portfolio.

Welcome to the digital showcase where Pye’s creations come alive, each stroke and pixel unveiling the story behind his diverse artistic career. A highlight of the site is Jono Pye’s Artist’s Statement, a unique feature offering a fast-forward replay of Pye’s mesmerizing process as he brings a vast abstract to life. It’s a rare glimpse into the artistic alchemy that defines Pye’s creations.

Jono Pye’s studio.

The artist’s biography, penned by Toronto’s own polymath, David Bateman, adds a delightful touch of humor to the narrative, providing a somewhat fictitious yet entertaining synopsis of Pye’s life, setting the tone for an exploration of Pye’s multifaceted world.

During a brief stint as a sign painter for the local grocery store in neighbouring Riverdale, Pye met his one true love. But she was an illustrated character in a comic book so the relationship went nowhere.

-David Bateman from “A Very Unauthorized Bio”

Pye’s artistic prowess has garnered recognition from luminaries in various fields. Reviews by sculptor Jordan MacLachlan, singer-songwriter Jamie Watling, and musician Joe Thomson, among others, attest to the broad appeal and impact of Pye’s work.

Diving into Pye’s portfolio reveals a breathtaking spectrum of styles, mediums, and genres. From evocative portraits and serene landscapes to vibrant still lifes, lively sketches, and engaging cartoons, Pye’s versatility is both impressive and absorbing.

"La Mer", Jono Pye, currently for sale

“La Mer”, Jono Pye, held in a private collection.

For me, an idea to draw or paint can begin from anywhere. A painting, a line from a song, novel or movie, a cartoon, a bike ride, a witty remark, an observation, an apple. Then, if everything works out, sometimes, something is created that evokes a response.

-Jono Pye

For those yet to discover Pye’s social media presence, he’s well worthy of a follow on Facebook and Instagram. A prolific artist, Pye’s frequent output showcases a rich diversity of styles, each piece possessing a distinct, one-of-a-kind charm while maintaining an underlying stylistic connection.

Cycling enthusiasts will find a dedicated page on the website showcasing Pye’s artistic tributes to bikes and their components. It’s a treasure trove for those who share his passion for the two-wheeled wonders.

While Pye occasionally graces the public with exhibitions, his website emerges as a treasure trove, offering a comprehensive and accessible overview of his expansive body of work. It’s a valuable resource for art aficionados eager to explore and add unique pieces to their collection. Jono Pye’s website is not just a virtual gallery; it’s an immersive journey into the boundless creativity of an artist who defies categorization.

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Review by Raymond Helkio for The Reading Salon.

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