Gender: A Performance Project


Written by Cheryl King and Ashley Lauren Rogers, Gender is a show with an identity crisis of its own. Not sure what to call itself, Gender is billed as a ‘performance project’ which in this case means part play, part sketch comedy and part lecture.



The programme was printed backwards possibly on purpose but whatever the intended message gets overshadowed by the confusion it creates. That being said, there are some seriously funny moments and while this ‘project’ might be better served by committing to a direction (read: sketch comedy) it serves up a thoughtful and provocative slice of entertainment.


Gender has some genuine moments in particular Ashley Lauren Rogers gives a warm and inviting performance, Cheryl King is full-on charming while Miyuki Kumamoto is absolutely fierce, in fact the entire cast gels well together but it’s Katie Lawson and Lisetanne Scherschel who really pull off consistently dynamite performances. Also noteworthy is the pre-show track by Judasbooth, “Fluid” which capped off the show perfectly.


Gender: A Performance Project
Dec 4 and 11, 2015 at 7:00 pm,  at 13th Street Repertory Company
50 West 13th Street, NYC, 10011

Photo above (Left to Right) Top row: Rain Dove, Ashley Lauren Rogers, Cheryl King, Ericka Hart, Lisetanne Scherschel. Bottom row: Miyuki Kumamoto, Pooya Mohseni, Keith Mackler, Michael Roche, Katie Lawson. Photo Courtesy of Stage Left Studio.

By Raymond Helkio

Raymond Helkio is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, whose work has been shown at international film, theatre, and design festivals including Inside Out Film Festival, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Design Exchange, Videofag, Art Gallery of Ontario, Glad Day Bookshop, Artscape and Nuit Rose.

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