Bergmanesque Double Feature

Ingmar Bergman and Paul Bellini both have a propensity for producing a large volume of cinematic works. While Bergman is considered one of the most influential filmmakers in popular media, Bellini has created his own underground following of intellectuals, groupies, misfits and actors to rival even Ingmar.

Case in point, the Bellini Film Festival wraps up tonight and is leaving audiences drooling for more. Nestled in the Dufferin Grove area is Eyesore Cinema, a forty seat screening room at the back of a movie rental shop. The audience, mainly actors from the films, buckle in for tonights double feature of “Bergmanesque’ followed by a biopic by, and about Bellini himself. 

Our first film begins on a humorous and bizarre intro in which Bellini plays a floating head and moves into a Writers’ Masterclass attended and run by sock puppets, all of which were delightfully disheveled in their appearance. According to Bellini, he was given the sock puppets from a CBC show that is no longer. These puppets get into it all; sexual tension, unrequited love, coming out, Demetria, desire, lust, suicide and a Weiner dog named Speedo! 

The cinematograophy in the ‘Constantine’ scene towards the end was as beautiful as it was eerie. A humorous rollercoaster ride through the mind of Paul Bellini leading into a biopic about the man himself. Mixing childhood photos and footage Paul gives us a snapshot of what life was like growing up a Bellini and it’s hilarious! Pre-recorded testimonials from friends and fans of Bellini drive home Paul’s position as one of Canada’s funniest men, in or out of a towel! •

Bellini Film Fest
Eyesore Cinema
1176 Bloor St. West
September 9 & 10, 2022
7-10PM (free)