Beached Whales

By Stedmond Pardy

Beached Whales by Stedmond Pardy

Stedmond Pardy is a self educated, left handed poet of Caribbean Canadian descent, from Lakeshore Mimico area He has performed his work on stages & radio in Toronto, Alberta, Montreal, & the Seattle/Washington state areas. His first full length book of poetry “The Pleasures Of This Planet Aren’t Enough” was published in 2021. He has released an audio book to accompany it “Beached whales” is his 2nd book of poetry published by Mosaic Press.

As I delve into the pages of Beached Whales by Stedmond Pardy, I am struck by the fortunate coincidence that many of these verses, though fresh to print, have graced my ears in the author’s own resonant voice, shared amidst a gathering of kindred spirits. Experiencing an artist’s creations in their original cadence lends a profound layer of significance; yet, traversing each stanza on the printed page unveils a newfound depth of appreciation and comprehension.

Within this, Pardy’s sophomore opus, he meticulously deconstructs themes of life, loss, death, destruction, and the intricate webs of relationships that, from their inception, demanding more than they give. Morphing into emotional spectres before our very eyes, akin to vampiric entities, Pardy picks apart the human experience, revealing the warning signs that are often overlooked as he willingly descends into a personalized abyss of anguish. 

Targeting corporate and pharmaceutical entities, largely culpable for the world’s afflictions including the genesis and propagation of cancers, both actual and perceived, Stedmond emerges as a staunch activist. His fervent mission is to dismantle the veils that obscure our perception, rousing us to confront the grim realities and atrocities of our existence.

Pardy embodies the archetype of the struggling artist, embracing the essence of a bon vivant as he wields words not merely as tools, but as shields against the starkness of reality, or perhaps, as reflections of its truth. A distinctive feature of Pardy’s oeuvre lies in his utilization of concrete poetry, where typographical nuances embellish the text, heightening its impact and enriching its artistic expression.

While flipping through the pages of Pardy’s works, one cannot help but ponder the depths of his contemplation on the world around him. Often, his narratives unveil a realm tainted by corruption and malevolence, presenting a somber tableau of a society veering off course. Yet within this darkness lies a glimmer of optimism, revealing Pardy’s inner beauty as he grapples with and seeks to unearth the inherent grace within the chaos of existence.

Amongst Pardy’s repertoire, “The Bandits” stands as a testament to his resolve in confronting and rectifying the world’s injustices. This poignant tale unveils the lives of Sharon and Carl, embodying the ethos of Robin Hood. Despite their struggles with addiction, Sharon and Carl exhibit an unparalleled ingenuity in procuring essentials, extending generosity to the less fortunate akin to modern-day altruists. Their narrative, marked by tragedy and resilience, epitomizes the transient nature of legends, leaving an indelible imprint on the observer’s psyche. “The Bandits” serves as a poignant homage to the complexities of humanity, the enduring legacy of compassion, and the ephemeral essence of heroism.

Beached Whales offers an odyssey through Pardy’s psyche, a turbulent voyage steeped in cocaine and alcohol, unsettling yet riveting. Amidst the haze of substance abuse, Pardy navigates the labyrinth of corruption and affliction, embodying the universal quest for solace, comprehension, and optimism amidst adversity.

You can order the book here, or drop by the official book launch to to hear him read and get your copy signed by the author.

Beached Whales Book Launch
The Imperial Pub
Saturday, March 9 at 7PM

Review by Raymond Helkio for
The Reading Salon.

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