The Benefits of Using ‘Read More’ Tags

Linking longer eNews articles to your website with a “Read More” tag gives your team valuable statistics about which types of articles generate the most interest. As you notice patterns in what your constituents care about, and what they don’t, try and let go of expectations you have for articles going viral, instead focus on slow, incremental growth. 

Winston Churchill on Why Less is More
The following letter was written by Winston Churchill during the Battle of Britain. Churchill’s aim was to increase efficiencies through effective writing because he believed clear communication was vital to their success. Below is a copy of the actual letter he wrote to the British civil service on August 9, 1940.



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The Toolbox Killer (podcast)

A mystery-comedy podcast written and directed by Raymond Helkio. Season One featuring Paul Bellini, Hélène Ducharme, David Bateman, Rolyn Chambers, Amy J. Lester and Nate Power. Musical score by Stewart Borden + ‘Wild And Beautiful In Ontario’ (Ep. 1, 2) and ‘The Long Dark Twenties’ (Ep. 3) by Paul Bellini from the album ‘The Northland’s Own’.

Alan is looking for love but Derek doesn’t want strings attached. Add in a secluded cottage weekend, what could go wrong? Oh yeah, The Toolbox Killer.


Male Call Canada

So many men, so little time. Led by the University of Toronto, Male Call Canada conducted a cross-sectional national toll-free telephone survey of MSM to gather information on a broad spectrum of attitudes, behaviours and related social issues and determinants. The study recruited gay and bisexual men as well as other MSM who don’t identify as gay or bisexual. The findings were released as 20 Fact Sheets which have been collected into this report. Graphic Design: Raymond Helkio.

Read the Globe & Mail article.