Queer Video Cabaret!
Saturday, February 1, 2014
As the Olympics in Sochi Russia inches closer, come and show your queer pride at a queer cabaret! In the rebellious spirit of queers who speak, sing and dance against injustice and boredom! The show will be a celebration of music and performance at videofag in early February, before or after the opening ceremonies. Video documentation and graphics by Raymond Helkio.

My Sex Is Genderless
Monday May 27, & Sunday June 2, 2013
An intriguing and personal exploration of the immediacy and intimacy offered by the smartphone technology. Based around the ambiguous phrase “What’s Your Sex?”, the screening presented new works by Toronto based artists Julian Calleros, Kiley May, and Mark Pariselli and Raymond Helkio. Presented by Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, Videofag, and Trinity Square Video.

Real Tales From The Salon (Live)
Saturday, December 1, 2012
What if everything you knew about HIV and AIDS was wrong? In commemoration of World AIDS Day, we get personal a live performance exploring HIV through video, spoken word and sound + a freestyle performance of TV Virus (Hope Injection) by MISS Butter with music by Stewart Borden and curated by Raymond Helkio.