The Twilight Fairy Garden

Fairies will fly, fireflies will mate and disco ball unicorns will perform an offering, a musical saw aria culminating in a majestic rainbow! Watch a backyard garden transform, in real-time, into a magical symphony of colour, sound and critters of the queerest kind. A welcoming to the coming Pride and a tribute to those on the frontlines.

How It’s Made: Video is projected onto a wall of plants animating the plants and revealing creatures, animals and insects that exist within.

Queer Pride, Toronto, June, 2020
Lake Of Bays Edition, July, 2020


Full show:


22 MINUTES, no intermission.
Produced and directed by Raymond Helkio
Music composed by Stewart Borden


The Offering

Performed by Keith Cole, creatures of the night are summoned forth to bere witness to the coming rainbow.


Rainbow Is Coming

A musical-saw-aria composed by Stewart Borden featuring Charlie C. Petch and Helene Ducharme, written by David Bateman.


Sexy Trans Barbie

A majestic rainbow opens up a portal into a universe of peace, harmony and freedom featuring Dayon Mbyoa Monson.

producer, director

Raymond Helkio is a queer film and theatre director living on the edge of insanity.

Dayon Mboya Monson

Dayon Mboya Monson is a hip-hop artist, actor, model and HIV advocate. She was recently forced to flee her homeland of Tanzania for publicly identifying as queer. Dayon currently lives in Calgary Alberta with her boyfriend and remains a prolific advocate of anti-police oppression and violence, specifically against LGBTQ people. You can watch the 18-minute documentary about Dayon’s extraordinary journey here.

Stewart Borden

Stewart Borden creates musical scores for film and theatre and is the bassist for Men In Suits, who The Globe & Mail calls “Bay Street’s hardest working band.”

Keith Cole

Keith Cole is a performance artist with magical powers.

musical saw
Charlie C. Petch

Charlie C. Petch is a performer host, creative director, playwright, musician, lighting designer, photographer and published author of many things.

Hélène Ducharme

Hélène Ducharme‘s voice is like a rainbow on steroids.

David Bateman

David Bateman is a writer, poet, actor and go-to person for all things gay and magical.

Additional audio/video by
Laura Cowell
George Wilson Emily