The Balcony

The Balcony Arts Festival (Queerly Canadian edition)

A short play festival
5 works all under 10 minutes
international producer, silvia morigi
canadian producer, raymond helkio
Originally recorded over Instagram Live
Sunday, March 7, 2021,
4 pm (EST)

“Today Is The Day After Yesterday”

Written and performed by Raymond Helkio with Keith Cole, Paul Bellini and David Bateman. Dramaturgy by Andrew Fedosov, Music & soundscaping by Stewart Borden with additional vocals Trish Fonberg.

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Marsha and Sharpie
Written by Philip Carins
Marsha likes oral sex. Sharpie wants romance. He’s more queer than he realizes. Sometimes, you need a friend to guide you down the right path. A reading of a short play by Philip Cairns.

Tampax Tale
Written and performed by
David Bateman
From the series ‘Fried,’ a collection of familial poems, ‘Tampax Tale,’ written and performed by David Bateman, is a reminiscence about his mother’s little missive – a secret folded note she trusted him with, and told him not to look at when he was a child, and how that note became a significant signifier within his queer identity, igniting his interest in Greek tragedy, men’s torsos, and women’s breasts.

“Ally” Cookie Monster
Written and performed by
Brock Hessell
Anti-racist behaviour is the etiquette of basic
humanity, not a cause for congratulations or
acclaim. In this thoughtful and humorous
monologue “Ally” Cookie Monster becomes
a metaphor for white privilege and explores
what it really takes to be an ally.

You’re bothered? I’m Bothered!
Written and performed by
Amy J. Lester
It’s a week before Christmas and you find a note with some chocolate sitting on your doorstep. Ooh, a thoughtful gift from a neighbour, you might think to yourself. Well, think again. Turns out the thing you love the most is a REAL bother.