Death Of A Bathhouse


Produced by Raymond Helkio. Combining footage from the final days of St. Marc’s Spa with interviews from Toronto artists Sky Gilbert, Keith Cole, Brad Fraser, Drasko Bogdanovic & Shane MacKinnon, the film explores the art culture of one of Toronto’s longest running bathhouses. Educational rentals available through the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre.

death of a bathhouse, raymond helkio



Daily Xtra, New film about the closing of Toronto’s St. Marc’s Spa, May 29, 2013

The year before its demise the filmakers invited ten local artists (including Sky Gilbert, Brad Fraser, Drasko Bogdanovic, and Donnarama) to create installations in some of the private rooms. Produced by Raymond Helkio, Death of a Bathhouse combines footage of the club’s final days and interviews with the artists who created there… Read the full article

Gay Bathhouse News, April 15, 2013
A new documentary film is being released. Consisting of footage from the waning days of St. Marc’s and interviews with several Toronto artists. Such as Sky Gilbert, Keith Cole and Brad Fraser.

Homo Magazine, March 05, 2013




Drasko Bogdanovic