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The Silencing of Dissent: Harper’s Clampdown on Free Speech

There continues to be a nationwide crackdown on charities who participate in political activism yet there has been virtually no public outcry. It’s not for lack of interest as much as there a lot fewer organizations that are able say something about it. Charitable organizations have been restricted from spending more than ten percent of their […]

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Think Twice: Our Community Speaks Out About HIV Criminalization

AIDS ACTION NOW!, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and Buddies in Bad Times Theatre present the video launch of Think Twice this Tuesday November 18, 2014 at 7pm at 12 Alexander Street, Toronto. Poster design: Raymond Helkio, Videos: John Caffery

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Toronto PWA Foundation 2013/14 annual report

PWA’s annual report is fun spin on the traditional infographic poster. Concept and copy: Mike Twamley, design: Raymond Helkio

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Project Seahorse: Annual Report

Dr. Amanda Vincent: “The world needs more people committed to marine conservation. In an era marked by the exponential decline of coral reefs and other ecosystems, this is one of the foremost challenges we face, one that Project Seahorse is always trying to address through our work. The question is, how do you do it? How […]