Molly’s World?

Andrea Alton is magnificent as her alter ego “Molly ‘Equity’ Dykeman” in Molly’s World, a rainbow romp through the mind of a pill-popping lesbian security guard and part-time poet. If Ellen Degeneres, Rosanne Barr and the Trailer Park Boys had offspring, they might look something like Molly, an in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is type of gal with a naive version of the world.

Alton spins together Cheetos, vagina poems and nuclear warfare in ways that’ll keep you laughing out loud. Molly’s story about her motorcycle trip from New York through Toronto and towards outer space is made funnier with her use (or anti-use) of props. Molly would often deviate from whatever story she was telling, spinning seemingly random thoughts together, yet the audience laughs kept coming. If you’re the persnickety theatre type, the noise from people unwrapping their Cheetos packages might drive you crazy however, Andrea’s stage presence creates an unpretentious, larger-than-life experience that will leave you wanting more of everything, including the Cheetos.

By Raymond Helkio

Raymond Helkio is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design, whose work has been shown at international film, theatre, and design festivals including Inside Out Film Festival, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Design Exchange, Videofag, Art Gallery of Ontario, Glad Day Bookshop, Artscape and Nuit Rose.