Kitchen Tidbits, New Book by The Reading Salon

We’re excited about Chef Stewart Borden’s new book Kitchen Tidbits. Stewart is the musical genius behind The Reading Salon and if you ever seen one of our movies, shows, plays or performances then you’ve already been dazzled by his talent. It’s available for sale through Amazon (Canada) or Amazon (USA) and Kindle with all proceeds donated to the Nikibasika Development Project in Uganda. 

About Kitchen Tidbits by Chef Stewart
Every day I was in awe of the things I was learning  at chef’s school (ICC, New York) so I started writing them down in the form of tips and tricks of the day, which quickly turned into a popular daily blog.

After graduation, I was encouraged to summarize these into this book, I hope you enjoy them. This book is dedicated to my mother, Mary Ann Borden, who unknowingly to me at the time, was cooking up gourmet meals most nights and planted the seeds for my love of cooking.

About Chef Stewart
A graduate of the International Culinary Centre, Stewart is currently testing recipes for a famous NYC Italian chef’s cookbook. As a film and theatre composer he is also an accomplished pianist and the bassist for the band Men in Suits. Listen or download his most recent CD Fermata available on this website, the soundtrack to Sticky Pulp (Pulp Lounge at Nuit Rose) Hamlet In A Hot Tub and the recently sold out performance of RAID: Operation Soap.


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