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Hamlet In A Hot Tub (The Film)  February 2, 2018
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, Toronto
Hamlet In A Hot Tub (The Movie) follows Gertrude and Polonius as they secretly conspire to marry their children, Hamlet and Ophelia. But Ophelia soon discovers Hamlet and Polonius have been keeping a secret of their own.

You Love That I’m NOT Your Wife, November 3-18, 2017
The Players Theatre, New York
Video, promotions and production, six sold out performances.
This fun and sexy exploration of modern day relationships first debuted in Los Angeles before it’s sold out run in New York. Written and directed by Joanne Piano-Mosconi.

Cracking The Case Of The Golden Purse, 2017
Created by Raymond Helkio, Paul Bellini, David Bateman and music by Stewart Borden.
Two gay cops attempt to catch a purse snatcher only find out it’s one of them.

Commissioned by RT Collective, Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

Tom Thomson Gets Wet, Art Gallery of Ontario, October 26 & 29, 2016
An exploratory film deconstructing the death of Tom Thomson for #HashTagGallerySlut, a performance work from the provocative mind of Keith Cole, featuring drag legend Maria Delmonte, porn star Ryan Russell with cinematic landscaping by Raymond Helkio.
Commissioned film by Keith Cole for the AGO’s Toronto: Tributes and Tributaries


screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-5-47-10-pmLost & Found On The Q Train
Directed by Raymond Helkio, featuring Shirley U. Jest, 2016
A Brooklyn housewife looses herself in the writings of a journal she steals from a stranger. Before reading the diary the housewife makes a judgment about the stranger but are we making judgments about the housewife?

Commissioned by RT Collective, Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

1690557_415933451865149_8066775586387627474_nWERK. FIERCE. OVAH. AVIANCE!
Directed by Raymond Helkio featuring Kevin Aviance, 2015
At the height of his career, drag superstar Kevin Aviance is beaten and left for dead on crowded East Village street in New York City. WERK. FIERCE. OVAH. Aviance! is the examination of Kevin’s physical and emotional journey through the lens of his provocative performance works.


…When The Bullying Ends (Being Enza Anderson)
Directed by Raymond Helkio, 2015
Enza Anderson continues to make international news for her work as an anti-bullying and queer rights activist yet behind the headlines is a trans woman who is being bullied out of living a normal life.

Honourable Mentions at the 2016Honourable Mentions, Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival, India, 2016Kolkata Shorts Festival, India.

screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-5-23-10-pmAn Evening With The Impostors
Directed by Raymond Helkio, 2014
The Impostors are getting ready to bring their high-glam drag spectacle to the small town of Port Hope, Ontario. The Impostors are ready, but is Port Hope?

Toronto Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, TIFF Bell Lightbox, 2014
OUTtv Post-Production Fund award, 2014
Nominated Emerging Canadian Filmmaker, 2014

My Sex Is Genderless
Directed by Raymond Helkio, 2013
Commissioned by RT Collective, Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival
Toronto Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Kijiji Connections
Directed by Raymond Helkio, 2014
RT Collective, Toronto Inside Out LGBT Film Festival

doabh-poster-1Death Of A Bathhouse
Directed by Raymond Helkio and Rolyn Chambers, 2013
Combining footage from the final days of St. Marc’s Spa with interviews from Toronto artists Sky Gilbert, Keith Cole, Brad Fraser, Drasko Bogdanovic & Shane MacKinnon, we explore the art culture and ultimate demise of one of Toronto’s longest running bathhouses.

Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival, India, 2016
Queer City Cinema Film Festival, Regina, 2015
Inside Out Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, TIFF Bell Lightbox, 2013
Queering Spaces: Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives, Screening from June–September 2015


What’s It Like?
Directed by Raymond Helkio, 2017
Written and performed by David Bateman featuring arias with Hélène Ducharme and Stewart Borden.

February 15, 2017
Rhubarb launch party at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

What’s It Like? addresses the taboos surrounding physical, identity-mongering pathologies that raise questions that affect us all, and does so with a solo performance aided by arias, ukuleles, and projections that simultaneously possess the patience, the irritation, and the operatic indulgence of one disgruntled diva.


RAID: Operation Soap
Written and directed by Raymond Helkio with David Bateman, music by Stewart Borden starring Keith Cole and Johnny Salib,  featuring Paul Bellini, Brock Hessel, Amy J. Lester, Travis L’Henaff.

An unconventional love story about two of the men that were arrested and how their horrific experience changed the course of LGBT history and marking the birth of Pride day.

Wednesday June 29, 2016
QueerPride Festival, Buddies In Bad Times Theatre

RAID: The Soundtrack
8 songs from the original performance
June 2016


Hamlet In A Hot Tub
A comedy about Hamlet, Ophelia, Gertrude and Polonius set in a modern day bathhouse. Directed by Raymond Helkio, written & adapted by Brock Hessel, David Bateman also featuring Paul Bellini, Amy J. Lester, music by Stewart Borden.

Peterborough Pride
The Garnet
September 19, 2015

Glad Day Bookshop
End Of The World Tour
July 25, 2015 (two shows)

The 519 Community Centre waterpark
June 21, 2015 (two shows)

Nuit Rose Closing Ceremonies
Church Street Stage
Pride Toronto (2015)

Rhubarb Festival
From the washrooms at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
February 17–21, 2015
Nightly cameos included: Keith Cole, Enza Anderson, Rolyn Chambers, André Prefontaine

Photo above: Ben Powless during Nuit Rose Closing Ceremonies, Pride Toronto (2015)
Photo above: Ben Powless during Nuit Rose Closing Ceremonies, Pride Toronto (2015)

Coming Out Queer (An Evening of Boundary Pushing Performances and Art
June 4, 2015
Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
A night of uncensored performance, film and discussion in defiance of community standards with Raymond Helkio, Reg Hartt, Keith Cole, Rolyn Chambers, Amy Pearl and outrageous performances by Pepper Highway, Mangina Hurts + autographs by Reid from One Complexion + #ArtForFreedom film Nobody Knows Freedom featuring Donnarama.

WorldPride Human Rights Conference (2014) video interviews include: Jordan Tannahill, Patricia Wilson, Brad Fraser, James Fowler, Andrea Houston, Frank Mugoisha, Chris Veldhoven, Doug Kerr, Michael Went, Brendan Healy, Jörn Weisbrodt, Mathieu Chantelois, Susan Gapka, Maura Lawless, Ramraajh Sharvendiran, Hazelle Palmer, Rolyn Chambers, Stephanie Stephens, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Scott Dagostino, Irshad Manji, Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Thomas G. Conway, Todd Ross, Marcela Romero, Francine Elliott, Bruce Mayhew, John McCullagh, Frank Folino, Antoine Elhashem, Kevin Beaulieu, Akim Ade Larcher, Deb Pearce, Keith Cole, Shaun Proulx, Patrick Marano, Scott Ferguson, Brenda Cossman, Jane Farrow, Lauryn Kronic, Jacquie Lucas, Davina Hader, Roy Mitchell, Junior Harrison, Sean Hiller, Richard Elliott, Zelda Angelfire, Susan Gapka, Francisco Alvarez, Keith Hambly, Barbara Hall, Stefonknee Wolscht, Doug Kerr and Maurice Tomlinson.

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