Fairy Garden Wonderland

Fairies will fly, fireflies will mate and disco ball unicorns will dance and play in this queer wonderland! Watch an indoor solarium transform, in real-time, into an animated magical symphony of colour and sound featuring critters of the queerest kind.

This subversive garden is a safe haven from the capitalistic, narcissistic world in which we live. An imaginary space living that transcends colonialism, heteropatriarchy, and cisnormativity.

How It’s Made: Video is projected onto a wall of plants animating the plants and revealing creatures, animals and insects that exist within.

Watch the full animation here:

Raymond Helkio, Producer, Animation
David Bateman, Lyrics, Vocals
Charlie C. Petch, Musical Saw

Official screening: March 25 2023, 7PM
Stratford, Ontario.

Fairy Garden Wonderland lyrics by David Bateman

Fairies will fly, fireflies will mate 
disco balled unicorns make the unicorn dates

Silver horned cone-like antlers aboundIdyllic quadrilles
dance round and round

Lavender cowslips, eglantine – vulvic design
Nature rhymes everything with slips of queer signs

In and out up and down
Seeding the ground

Finding and losing
the soft mighty sound of

Foursomes, threesomes and twosomes and more
Adam’s Steve Lilith’s Eve cavort upon leafy floors  

Peaseblosooms, clover, musk roses, and vines
Entangled with honeysuckles more than divine

Lay grace on this garden freed  from bad air
I durst not part my lips for that deafening share

Of a queer world encountering strife from beyond
Dance in queer gardens and rainbows will come