Harvest: Sponsored by Raymond Helkio

I’ll be seeing lots of films again this year and hope that you’ve got your picks ready because the 21st annual festival is May 19-29th, 2011. This year I sponsored Harvest which is German with English subtitles so they’ll be some reading along with the queer eye candy. I hope to see you during the […]

Sexual Health

Know More. The Lambda Study results are in, I mean out.

The Lambda Study was a survey of 2,438 gay and bisexual men in Toronto and Ottawa that collected information from men in these cities about their sexual and other behaviours, including condom use and HIV status. This community report presents some of the key study findings. You can download the report for free from […]

Advertising & Design

29 of 704

With some help, I captured 29 of the 704 pixel art space invaders installed around Paris. They are made of tiles inspired by the 80s Rubiks Cubes. They have these cool installations in 30+ cities around the globe. Unfortunately, Toronto isn’t one of them, but let’s hope that changes. Also burning in Paris was the […]