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Art, theatre, film and LGBT politics.

Drag Voyeur, theBUZZ
From Toronto’s East End to New York’s East Village, join Raymond Helkio as he goes behind the scenes with our community’s most beloved queers.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Fuck You. (2016)
A queer zine about family in support of Glad Day Bookshop. Limited addition hardcopy available in-store at Glad Day Bookshop or get the ebook.

Select Press
Queer Zine Redefines Family and Supports Glad Day in the Process
March 14, 2016, Daily Xtra









The Great Meeting Room (Originally released in 2011, rereleased in 2015)

Two Boys search the world for understanding but find something better, love. The Great Meeting Room is an allegory for our time and a potent reminder that what we seek from the world is already within us. An LGBT-friendly children’s book available online or in-store Glad Day Bookshop (Toronto) and the Bureau of General Service Queer Division (New York City). For information please visit The Great Meeting Room‘s official website.

Select Press
The Great Meeting Room Addresses the Alienation Young Gay People Experience in our Culture.
Out In Jersey, April 4, 2016
“In few words a great deal is said.”